Alligators Eat Gumdrops

by The Luck of Eden Hall

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    Songs included: Bangalore, This Is Strange, Crystal Ship (Doors), Black Sheep (SRC).

    Curvey: Vox, Guitars, Bass, Drum kit
    Mark Lofrgen: Bass, Vox
    Jim Licka: Mellotron, Moog
    Carlos Mendoza: Drum kit

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    Includes unlimited streaming of Alligators Eat Gumdrops via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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High Heeled Flippers Long have I waited Down under the waves Wrecked in the Grande Coral Ballroom The ceiling’s corroded and Barnacles hold up the stage The room's black as pitch So your entrance was missed You and your high heeled flippers You know Leaving fresh prints In one hundred years of sediment Now I am forever Stuck in my ways without Sunshine to see Just an electric ray Cast adrift in sub time What I'm trying to say I've stopped breathing For so long I've forgotten how And I'm living In my hologram Of memory Electric tentacles Swing to and fro Silently pulsating faster Gliding through eons of silence To join in the dance The mind tricks the eye Is it you that I see? Mary I swear that you're Calling to me I try to let go But I've lost track of All that I know Long have I waited Down under the Sea Mary I know that someday You'll come calling for me As I float here, so impatiently
Bangalore She’s so completely dull She’s capitally small She walked on down the hall She’s got it on my mind It’s only my heart pumping again She’s avarice and greed She’s everything you need To follow is to see She’s always incomplete It’s only my heart Break it again
Ten Meters Over The Ground I'm floating around outside Ten meters over the ground Don't really know how to fly Can't wait until you bring me down Her collar and her cuffs were of sable She spoke to me but I wasn't able While hovering above the table She said "oh" I twittered when I felt her caresses She didn't understand my messages Then laughing she completely undresses She said "oh" She tried to inflate my mind My head was swollen and round I'm under the table now Just trying to remain on the ground
Summertime Girl Summertime girl amuse me, and that’s okay. Summertime girl confuse me and what’s to say it’s easier on our frozen day? Summertime girl you lose me, and that’s okay. Take the path back to your house, sleep in the yard until we’re lost in outer space. We’ve got to kill the time until everything is back in place. You’ve got to give me a little. Until I’m lost in your riddle. We’ve got to give in a little. Until we’re stuck in the middle. Summertime girl you use me, and that’s okay. Summertime girl remove me, and what’s to say it’s easier solitary days?
Amoreena Had Enough Yesterday Beautiful brain has turned Mother's gone mad Jars of formaldehyde Terribly bad Dad works his days away Mending the rust On an old wooden time machine Sawing sawdust Amoreena had enough yesterday Where has her purpose gone Entrepreneur The need to create something Kept in a drawer Those who are listening Can't be too sure Words exit from her mouth And fall on the floor Amoreena had enough yesterday Drawing the line again Drafting a war Peace is the same for you For nothing at all
Green Faery Green Faery you're sublime Unearthly light casts a shadow Into another place Another place and time Green Faery take what's mine I'll rest my head on your pillow There is no other way No other way to fly Over the face Of that jolly fellow Behind the eyes Of a head that's hollow Sugary sweet Makes you nice to swallow Out of your mind We're all sure to follow Green Faery say goodbye I see you there flying solo On to your favorite place In the morning sky Green Faery knows where I'm I'm standing here in my raincoat Waiting for another day Another day to shine
Wasting The Days Of Youth Memorize what you're told Then cough it up slowly Relinquish your control For what you deem Holy Carving all that you know Into the table I'll return all your calls When I am able Marching toward the truth We were wasting the days of youth Test your luck for the prize Over and over You're corrupted by love But you recover History can be shaped You have the power Add a little more sand Extend the hour Marching toward the truth We were wasting the days of youth
Goodnight Anne Berlin Goodnight Anne Berlin, summer sun ambien. California’s fallen seas, settle down nice and neat. Goodnight Anne Berlin, sweet skin, salt and sin. Wonder what the town we’re in. Wonder why the scenery spins You need to be alone Anne Berlin’s got diamonds imbedded in her pale skin. Sentimental scientist all wrong. Anne Berlin’s got tarot card, sweet incense and magic wands. No wonder he fell under her spell. Goodnight Anne Berlin, to the sweet hereafter kiss. Sleep tight Anne Berlin. You know it to be a dream... You know it to be a dream…
A Carney’s Delirium Off in a field, very far away Standing alone with too much to say, only yesterday Last week seemed like an eternity Working this town Fair calliope Aw, what's left of me And you had hoped to be better And you've sustained some bad weather And you will keep it together Another State Fair along the road Can't shake this feeling I’m tired and cold Aw, you're growing old Thanks for the message You're very kind We all have the fear of getting left behind Aw, a state of mind And you had hoped to be better And you've sustained some bad weather And you will keep it together
This Is Strange I was jumping a trampoline Without any savior When my head rose above the trees I met my new neighbor "I've got friends", Said the lonely girl She's got friends from another world This is strange She said, "I don't need your sympathy about the explosion when the rise of the stone machine depleted the ocean.” Have we got better things to do? ”There's a whole to infinity And thee ever after. Your Apostles of make believe Won’t get you there faster.” Have we got better things to do? She said," I don't need your sympathy About the explosion. You're recycling memories…”
Alligators Eat Gumdrops Alligators eating gumdrops Presweetened Blueberry blonde Take a day trip to the fun shops Chocolate coating keeps you warm I don't know but I've been told... Marsha mellows out with jello And her favorite magic wand Assaulted batteries are bad news Does your Mother know you're gone? I don't know but I've been told what you have done...


I’ve heard some excellent psych covers from Chicago’s The Luck Of Eden Hall, and have pondered whether their talent extends to song writing as well as production. Their new LP “Alligators Eat Gumdrops” resoundingly demonstrates their flare for writing great tunes, put through a rock, psych, kaleidoscopic filter.
Imagine Paul McCartney and Geoff Emerick circa Magical Mystery Tour experimenting on an Abbey Road piano and you’ll get an idea of the sound of album opener “High Heeled Flippers”. In fact, let’s get John Lennon doing a rockier Hey Bulldog with George Harrison on sitar, but no less infectious, and you’ll get the feel of The Luck of Eden Hall’s “Bangalore” too.
But I’d like to stress that while echoing some of these great sounds, The Luck of Eden Hall are no retro act and sound as exciting as any band around. Jack White would be proud of “Ten Meters Over the Ground” whilst “Summertime Girl” is a gorgeous ballad.
Probably my favourite track is “Amoreena Had Enough Yesterday”, the fizzing simplicity of those guitar riffs and chord sequences tied a mellotron sound is much harder to construct that it seems. “Green Faery” melds laughing gnome sentiment washed down with a tot of Absinthe.
Lyrics blend psychedelia and reflection with dreamlike ease, “Wasting the Days of Youth” and “Goodnight Anne Berlin” being prime examples.
Another highlight is the moving “A Carney’s Delirium”, an ode to the State Fair outdoing Soft Bulletin era Flaming Lips. All credit to the whole band’s playing too which is superb. This exemplified by “This is Strange” and closer “Alligators Eat Gumdrops” that take the album to a rockier conclusion.
And overall? An extremely inventive, beautifully crafted and bewitching album. But most importantly, excellent songs, more please! -Jason Barnard, The Strange Brew (UK)

Recorded at Rabbithole Studio. Engineered and Produced by Curvey. Mastered by Mike Hagler at Kingsize Studios, Chicago. Artwork by Curvey.


released August 21, 2012

Curvey: Vox, Guitars, 12 String, Bass, Sitar, Piano, Drum-kit
Mark Lofgren: Vox, Bass, 12 String, Synthesizer
Carlos Mendoza: Drum-kit
Jim Licka: Mellotron
with special guest Mars Williams on Saxophone


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The Luck of Eden Hall Chicago, Illinois

The Luck of Eden Hall has been on the music scene since the 1990s, and they are “Phenomenal!”, says Jim DeRogatis of the NPR show Sound Opinions. They have nearly a dozen sold out releases on the critically acclaimed Fruits de Mer record label in England and have been featured on the cover mount CD in Classic Rock magazine, as well as Prog, Shindig, Record Collector, and Goldmine. ... more

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