Belladonna Marmalade

by The Luck of Eden Hall

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    Chicago is also coincidentally home to a band called The Luck of Eden Hall who have impressed me greatly with their album 'Belladonna Marmalade' (a CD on Walrus Records, no address shown) which our man on the spot Bruce Pates kindly sent in. Their first 45 was on Limited Potential (as was fellow Chicagoans The Smashing Pumpkins's) and they followed it up with a collection called 'Under The Sea' - but 'Belladonna Marmalade' (which is where I came in) is the works alright; exotic guitar pieces, great songs, a dash of mysticism and a whole basketful of psychedelic nuances which all come to a head on 'Mariead' in particular, and which are reflected in the gloriously trippy sleeve-art. I'd go so far as to risk upsetting an awful lot of Terrascope readers by saying I could stomach hearing a lot more of The Luck of Eden Hall than I could the Pumpkins themselves, who I humbly consider sounded 'corporate' even before they became so; anyway the challenge has been thrown down for those of you who'd care to take it up. Just remember where you read of them first. -Phil McMullen, Terrascope

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    This is the one that put The Luck of Eden Hall on the cover of CMJ (College Music Journal) in 1993! We only have a few of these cassingles left, containing Take A Trip, Mariead, Madalaine's Voyage (Not the Belladonna Marmalade versions) and Man On The Moon, which became our first video. Very limited quantity!

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    “They were then and still are an excellent psychedelic band. Their song ‘hook, line, and sinker’ is still one of my all time favourites." -Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins
    Hook, Line and Sinker and it's B side Lookingglass, one of thee Limited Potential Classics!

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  • Sunny Girlfriend/Cuckooflower
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    We have a very limited quantity (only a handful) of these Cassingles from 1994 containing Sunny Girlfriend (Not the Par Crone version) and it's B side Cuckooflower.

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Engineered by Dave Trumfio
Produced by Dave Trumfio and The Luck of Eden Hall
Recorded and Mixed at Seagrape Studios, Chicago
Mastered by Jay O'Rourke at Monsterdisc, Chicago
Photos by Gail Potocki
Artwork and layout by Curvey


released August 1, 1993

Curvey: Vox, Guitars
Mark Lofgren: Bass
Joe Furlong: Drum-kit
Eric Remschneider: Cello



all rights reserved


The Luck of Eden Hall Chicago, Illinois

Order Now! The Acceleration Of Time double LP on Headspin Records (Netherlands). The End of The Lane 7" on Mega Dodo Records (England). Psychedelic Battle #4 on Vincebus Eruptum Records (Italy) in Spring of 2017. TLoEH vs ? Stay tuned....


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Track Name: Darling Dear
Leaving the city
With a couple of friends
Always drive as fast as I can

Caught in a daydream
Counting the miles
She started crying
So I opened my eyes
Someone had crashed
By the side of the road

Comfort me my darling dear
They're all watching no, no

I guess I won't see you
It's your Birthday again
So sad that I'm you're only friend

Blue Star Highway
Off of I-94
Driving along by the side of the road

So I started to crash
Track Name: Mariead
Mediate between the here and now
We're really not all that strong
Send me on a plane
To the peace of outer space
I need you
In the empty Like a clown
When the angels have all gone
To Byzantium
Save them on a chain
So they won't get lost again
I need you
In the empty
Like a clown
In the window there's a clown
With a gun and a Wedding gown
He said man I just can't see you
This suit does it guarantee you
Hard to believe
In his place the shades are drawn
He's got cash and the stereo's on
A sandman made of borrowed time
He's got a rope and a Valentine
It's just like mine
Mariead I adore you
Here's the things I should have told you
Track Name: Madelaine's Voyage
Little Girl
Packing up trunks for her dolls
I'm afraid
I shan't have room for them all
Madelaine, I'm glad you're home
Oh! You good dear, Rose
Auntie Mae
I wish you were going, too
It's for you
To remember me when I'm far away
Letters I will write to you
One for every week
Ten O'Clock
On board the City of Berlin
Steamer sails
Over the Sea to Ireland
The Pilot shook the Captain's hand
And rode back to the shore
They took long
Walks on the Hurricane deck
How poor all
Those people look under us
Steerage passengers Papa said
They're rather rough people
Track Name: Reel To Reel
Iron feathers in the rain
Heavy petals whirling stain
Sun bleached reason on a line
Broken strings of folded time
He is reel to reel
Painting pictures for the blind
Under the subway down in the gutter
Freon and Leon are killing their Mother
Dance on fire frozen skies
Congregation lonely lives
Blowing Beelzebubbles out of every stereo
Circular scrapbooks full of crime
Track Name: Belladonna Marmalade
Taking the train down to Timbuktu
I've got charms in my pocket and a one way ticket out of my mind
I find it hard to breath under the big top world
Of hand cuff Kings and their pretty little iron maidens
Belladonna marmalade
She knows your fate by the way that you're drinking your tea
Ethereal Queen a royal jelly dream
Inside a Taro parlor who was practiced in the art of deception
She was looking at Venus through a microscope
Now my head's in a hole
'Cause it's the only place for me left to hide
Track Name: Siren
I'm a Sea faring merchant
On a ship called the Columbus
West India and Pacific Steam
Navigation Company
There are two hundred unknown
Maritime disasters
That happen every year
And they're caused by giant monsters
I have heard of giant Krakens
Who can wrap around a vessel
And drag it down down down
To the bottom of the Ocean
There's stories about whales
Who have teeth the size of men
And in 1857
A serpent sank the Castillion

She says that she misses you
And she needs you
And she loves you
And she wants you to come home

When the siren calls your name
Track Name: Take A Trip
Let me tell you where
I think I'd like to be
And you can take a trip with me
I'd like to be the size of
Something very small
So small you'd hardly notice me
Live in a mushroom
Under a wise old tree
Giant sized berries
And dandelion wine
Would be all that we would need
We could build a boat
Out of a walnut shell
And use a leaf to make the sail
Beneath the Ocean pond
The giant golden whales
Would swim so playfully
After our picnic
We'd ride on the back of a snail
Then we'd pretend to be
The only ones in the world
I'd serenade you
With romantic melodies
Orchestrated by crickets and
A chorus of honey bees
Down by the Ocean pond
Won't you take a little trip with me
I'm sure you;ll find the way
Don't break down
Track Name: Lilywhite
He went on a stroll
Down a path he didn't know
Didn't figure he'd get lost until he came across a fork in the road
Veering to the right
He walked all throughout the night
"Til he heard the sound of giggling women
Was he in for a surprise
Come into the lake
Hurry for goodness sake
We've been here waiting for so very long you know
No need to be shy
In just a little while you'll feel so good you won't ever want to leave here
Pale maidens fare
Lilies in their auburn hair
He thought that he was dreaming
'Cause he knew that it just couldn't be true
They were awful cold
And they weren't too very old
He decided that he'd warm them up a little
So he stepped in
A smile on his face
He entered the lake
They all gathered round
And then pulled him down
The water feels cold
I want you to know
I'm happy to be here with all of you
I'd sure like to saty
The rest of my days
And get to know every one of you
I'd just kick back
And relax and watch time float by
Track Name: Clock Solitaire
Please Mr. Hain
Have I asked for many things
Her eyes have singed my wings
I'd love to hear her sing
Please Mr. Hain
I'm not going anywhere
All I see is all I stare
So I play clock solitaire
Please Mr. Hain
We was only seventeen
And our timing weren't too keen
When we stole your grand machine
Please Mr. Hain
I sure love yer daughter true
Horizon's burning blue
Please don't run me through
I've found another King
Tear down your castle walls
I've found another King
You can mount your golden horse
I've found another King
That's all right with you
I've found another King
Baby we should bite right through