Par Crone

by The Luck of Eden Hall

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    The Luck of Eden Hall pillar Curvey’s ’space rock’ album, Par Crone, sees the light of day for its 15th anniversary. Recorded in Chicago, Par Crone is a tasty, crunchy time capsule nugget not only for ’97, but for fans of The Luck of Eden Hall. Par Crone’s self-titled isn’t a dry run for LOEH; it’s a complete platter birthed from Curvey’s brain and fingers that stands on its own, but is also a link in the LOEH chain. Where LOEH layers the psych frosting on the rock, Par Crone puts a little more weight on the rock, but the ‘popped psychedelic rock and rollisms’ are still there. Curvey’s pop savvy is all over Par Crone, this time in a bit tougher, glossier exterior; a bit stadium rock, think a bit prime Cheap Tricky like guitar on stun and whole lot of riffs. Par Crone certainly sounds of its time with the crunch and the production, but the hooks are there and in true Curvey fashion, they’re sweet, rocking, free of cynicism and stick to your ribs. LOEH isn’t disposable in their confections, and neither was Par Crone; the sugar intake, and exhaust, never reaches overdose either. Some of the synths and laser-beam flashes may lock Par Crone to its release date, but a little time travel goes a long way and 15 years later much of it sounds like a breath of fresh air. -Mr. Atavist, Sunrise Ocean Bender

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Par Crone started out as a solo effort by Curvey. When Northport Records offered to release the project, recording started with longtime friend Patrick Halliwell at Sparrow Sound Design. (Patrick's band The Proud featured Carlos Mendoza on drums.) Before the Par Crone album was finished the remaining members of TLOEH were buzzing to get the show on the road, hence the photo of the entire band on the inside sleeve, with Patrick joining on guitar. Sparrow and his wife Joanie had an amazing 16 track studio, complete with vintage ribbon microphones and the largest grand piano in the city, boasting the recordings of many Jazz masters. It was a beautiful place!


released June 1, 1997

Produced and Engineered by Curvey and Patrick Halliwell. Recorded at Sparrow Sound Design. Mastered at Monsterdisc by Jay O'Rourke. Art by Curvey. Computer Graphics by Al Brandtner. Photo by M Candee Studios. All Songs c and p Straight Songs/G.Curvey BMI.



all rights reserved


The Luck of Eden Hall Chicago, Illinois

Order Now! The Acceleration Of Time double LP on Headspin Records (Netherlands). The End of The Lane 7" on Mega Dodo Records (England). Psychedelic Battle #4 on Vincebus Eruptum Records (Italy) in Spring of 2017. TLoEH vs ? Stay tuned....


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Track Name: We Come
My golden eyes are melting
Flow down in streams to see
My ears can hear the Ocean
But not the sounds you speak

Blasting through the atmosphere of Earth
Aboard the Icarus we come
Spinning dials on instruments of light
We climb, speeding towards the Sun
Liquifying haul, evaporate in sparkling miracles

Hey! Will you ever come again?

I feel my heart's cracked open
What's spoiled's for now set free
My lungs have filled with liquid
Flow down in streams to Sea

Blasting through the atmosphere
Aboard the Icarus we come
Spinning dials on instruments of light
We Climb, speeding towards the Sun
Liquifying haul, evaporate in sparkling miracles

Hey! Will you ever come again?
Track Name: Watching You
Hey, will you take some tea with me
Maybe we'll wash your little fears away
We'll have it super 8 this time
You will be in another frame of mine
We'll face the camera towards the Sun
And then over expose everyone
Then you can paint your body too
And we'll have everybody watching you
Don't filter out the very light
That can help to make you feel alright
All colors blend to make pure white

Now in a flash good things have begun
Take a piece of cake for what you've done
Set your speed and your F stop too
And then develop into something new
Track Name: Hypnotized
I can see you
I can see the way you roll your eyes across the floor
I can see you
With an X-ray gaze I'll show you what you really like

I don't care. You can pull your hair 'til you cross your eyes
Don't you know I will really try to hypnotize you again

Can you hear me?
Does this magic box still tell you things that you want to know
Can you hear me?
Do the static senses tickle, my darling dear?

I can show you everything
With no watch and chain
You finally came
That's okay
I'm the Lord of all unseen
Such a little thing
To see what I mean
That's okay

When we take a ride upon the wheel
Then we splash down right in the Gulf of Mexico
Track Name: Sunny Girlfriend
Liquid velvet angel
As white as Mr. Moon
I think my lunar module's crashed on you

Standing in the doorway
The doorway to the Sun
The Sun is on your shoulder
On your shoulder

My head started twirling around
When she said I was her sunny girlfriend

Still no way to hold you
You run right through my hands
I'd keep you in a capsule
And drink you down

Descending towards the surface
The jelly underneath
I cracked in two
And you poured out like diamonds
Track Name: Arp Angel
Opening day
You're such a fine disarray
The stage was set to be inviting
But the actor's away
He's off to see the world round
In some mechanical invention
That floats high off the ground

Time to climb
Meter checks out fine
Up away! I'm ten miles over you
Breathe in deep now
The coast is clear my angel
As I dreamed
A change of scenes
A techno colored transistor projection
On you

Put these in place
And don't you dare leave a trace
That lovely signature of yours
Was smeared all over my face
And so I looked like a clown
That's getting ready for the high wire
Here up over the town

What do you know?
I made it here to the show
And my direction indicator
Had taken me way off course
I think I could eat a horse
Or maybe share a little popcorn
Back behind the stage door's
Installed a sonic device
They say it's really scientific
Filled with diodes and wires
And vacuum tubes and the like
It blasts electrical impulses
And it's made
All of you
What's your name?
I can't hear
It's way too loud
Track Name: Ophelia
She was soft and fare
Warm as gold
With daisies between her toes
Follow where she goes

Ophelia's charm she wears
Smiles and
Whispering songs of butterflies
While getting high

Sweet psychedelic flower
floating on the wind
Ophelia let me in

Summer days enchanted
Take me back there
Strolling down by the riverside
Petals drifting by

She has eyes of offering
Eyes believing
Eyes are jewels of blue and green
You see everything
Track Name: Solid Space
Sailing now
Through pastoral waves
This ship is all I own
Would you like to drive Follow your eyes

Solemn days
You're finally at peace
Adrift in solid space
Headed for the home
You'll never know

Into the world there came a man
A golden idol
A change of seasons for the ones he hypnotized
Why don't you close your eyes?

Guided by
Your starry blue eyes
We're surely lost this time
Could I be wrong
It's been so long

Darkened pitch
As shrill as the night
The crescent Moon will shine
Through your stormy gown
I see you now