When The Clock Starts To Wake Up We Go To Sleep

by The Luck of Eden Hall

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  • When The Clock Starts To Wake Up We Go To Sleep
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    The follow up to the excellent “Subterrene”(2006), this album sees the band take their sound to a whole new level of enjoyment, containing 13 slices of prime time psych nuggets, each wrapped in a delicious candy floss coating, and riding some blistering, guitar fueled, fairground rides.

    Right from the off, it is clear that business is meant, a twisted guitar propelling “All Else Shall Be Added to You” out of the speakers and into your mind, some swirling organ and strings adding depth and just the right degree of strangeness. Next up, the short and groovy, “Mary Ann’s Dressed in Peace” has a great big Paisley heart, early Soft Boys meeting The Dukes of Stratosphear, which is heaven to my ears. Taking a more relaxed approach, “Old Man Realize” has a lolloping bass line and a wonderful soaring guitar, whilst the acoustic psych-pop of “Bus Stop Daisy” sound just like you think it would, including the backward guitar at the end.

    Again played and produced by Gregory Curvey and Mark Lofgren, the album displays variety and depth, the duo letting the songs shine, effects judged to perfection and the playing maintaining a high level throughout, something evidenced on the full on guitar attack of “We Go To Sleep”, which is filled with manic energy and some frenetic fretwork. Or, you could check out the glorious vocals and lysergic melodies on “Cinnamon Mary and Her Skeleton Cane”, one of the albums finest moments, complete with chiming guitar and more excellent soloing, it just gets better and better. There is a hint of The Church on “The Time Has Come” (no bad thing), something not apparent on the much stranger “Beautiful Girl on the Radio”, the guitar sound rougher and the whole song having an “about to fall apart” feel to it. Things get stranger still on the slow burning acid drench of “She’s Using All the Colors” Joss sticks are recommended as you float downstream, blissful and grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

    Using backward guitar overload as its major weapon, “Down in Mexico” is a song that needs plenty of volume to bring out its qualities, but that’s alright as the sun will be shining and your windows will be open as you share the album with your neighbours, they will love it, honest. Demonstrating classic acid induced garage paranoia, “Just Can’t compromise My Security” is a burst of edgy noise, the drums rattling about inside the brain as choppy guitars creep through you veins. Gentler in construction, the drifting strings that run through “A Child in a Mine” add a slightly disturbing presence to the song, the lyrics re-enforcing the feeling.

    Finally, the band put it all together for the six minute finale that is “Sister Strange and the Stuffed Furry Things”, a future psychedelic classic, sounding like the Beatles meeting Kevin Ayers, in a ruined house covered in sunlight. Well, something like that anyway, whatever it is an excellent way to finish a rather brilliant album the lovers of the paisley sound, psych pop, or just good music, will thoroughly enjoy. -Simon Lewis, Terrascope

    Includes unlimited streaming of When The Clock Starts To Wake Up We Go To Sleep via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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“a future psychedelic classic!”
Simon Lewis - Terrascope

"get this masterpiece!"
DJ Astro - Psychotropic Zone

"a very satisfying listening experience!"
Kevin Wallbank - Psychedelic Central

“Just looking at the cover drawing of this album is an experience”
Garwood Pickjon - Popism-Music

Recorded at Rabbithole Studio. Engineered and Produced by Curvey. Mastered by Curvey at Rabbithole Studio. Artwork by Curvey.


released January 1, 2009

Curvey: Vox, Guitars, Sitar, Bass, Ukrainian Flute, Arp Synthesizer, Bells, Mellotron Synth, Drum-kit.
Mark Lofgren: Vox, Bass, Guitar



all rights reserved


The Luck of Eden Hall Chicago, Illinois

Order Now! The Acceleration Of Time double LP on Headspin Records (Netherlands). The End of The Lane 7" on Mega Dodo Records (England). Psychedelic Battle #4 on Vincebus Eruptum Records (Italy) in Spring of 2017. TLoEH vs ? Stay tuned....


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Track Name: All Else Shall Be Added Unto You
All Else Shall Be Added Unto You

Sea of feeling has cornered me an illuminated soul
I am not the one who’s in the way
I’m not the one I show
I am not the folding on my heart
I’m not the way I see
I am not the one that is carrying me
I’m not the running fool
I am not the soft unfolding tale
I’m not the only one
I am not the mural on my arm
And mother’s only son
I am not the figures in my lens
I’m not the salted wound
I am not the demon, the seriously
I’m not to sit just so
I am not the one that’ll fall into
I’m not the fear inside
I’m not the eyes
I’m not the ears
I’m not the way that I had in mind
I am not the anger that I show when I’m tearing into you
I am not the reason
The falling inside when it’s all that I can do
I’m not the only
I’m not the feeling
I’m not the one
I’m not the goal
I’m not disease inside
I’m not the need
I love to hold you so
I’m not the feeling
I’m not the one I see when I’m calling back to you
I’m not the breath that I breathe in
I breathe out
Track Name: The Time Has Come
The Time Has Come

A season of fate
She’s ready to go
Words from the inside
Believing her role
And the time has come
Sleep through the mourning
A wake by the sea
Call on your friends to
Clap when you leave
Wailing, another siren
Is calling you home
Children that leave
Are ready to go
And the time has come
Isn’t it easy
Routing your pain
Caught in the optic snow
Are frozen remains
The ice age is over
Turn off your TV
The girl’s stepping outside
So innocently
And the time has come
Track Name: A Child In A Mine
A Child In A Mine

I’ve been thinking about you
All the crazy things we do
I’ve been dreaming about us
Nothing that we would ever do
I’ve been thinking about you
I believed in things that weren’t true
Drove through the days of fallen youth
Never felt the daisy’s and the tune
She’s mine to the nines
Nothing that the ghost would ever find
She’s a child in a mine
Filled with all the beauty we could find
She’s a child in a mine
Track Name: Sister Strange And The Stuffed Furry Things
Sister Strange And The Stuffed Furry Things

Putting makeup
All around your big eyes
And cover your head
With a powder that’s so very white
You’re pinching your cheeks for some color again
And bloodied your lips using Crayola crayons
Four thirsty children fell down in a well
She said, “there’s your Mother”
And, “take nothing with you”
She is my sister
She is strange
She ate belladonna marmalade
She loves dancing around in the pouring rain
Filling teacups
With an old turpentine
And buttered your biscuits
Petroleum jellied delight
In ones and in twos
To your party they came
All googley eyed patch worked
And stuffed furry things
Four thirsty children
Fell down in a well
They drank tainted water
And cried out in pain
There’s something about the way
That you are moving
She said, “there’s your Mother”
And “take nothing with you”
I’m so tired of waiting